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What is OSM Teams?

OSM Teams is an independent authentication API that has a framework for creating teams and roles in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem. It allows for management of groups and communities to organize around existing tools like Tasking Manager, OSMCha, or iD, and improves collaboration.

OSM Teams provides an easier way to connect across platforms, find mappers working in a similar domain, manage coordinated campaigns and tasks, and organize around shared goals. As an independent API, Teams is a lightweight “glue” service to create and manage team membership, which developers can integrate into their platforms to provide a unified team experience for users.

OSM Teams provides an OSM-native community organization tool, allowing users to sign in with their OSM profile, and connect and use their teams in any OSM ecosystem applications. OSM Teams sits between OSM OAuth and your apps to give an interface to create, share and manage your team.


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